Saturday, May 14, 2011

Since I am back, that is to say I am re-newing my commitment to my crafts, I made a facebook page (Easily Amused Goods), posted items in my Etsy shop ( and thought it was also time for another blog post as well. I decided it was time to do this crafty stuff right or not at all, so here I am attempting to do it right. I had businesses cards at my last craft boutique I participated in and had people e-mail me after saying they went to my etsy shop but I had no items..... its true that the marketing and technology aspect of the craft world are my achilles heel. It is very difficult for me to promote my self and my products. And since sewing has been a hobby and form of relaxation for me, I get a little nervous when it starts to feel like work.

But here I am and here are my products.

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